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Be the change you want to see.





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Being Different (Guest Post by Dr. Allison Garrett)

不同也是力量 - 南桥 - 南桥的博客
You may recognize the name of Buckminster Fuller. Or not. If you’re in the “not” category, I should mention that one of this year’s hot Christmas items – Buckyballs – is named for him.

Fuller was born in the late 1800s. By age 32, he was bankrupt, unemployed, an alcoholic and living in low-income housing in Chicago. The prior year, his young daughter had died of complications from polio and spinal meningitis. He was thinking about suicide.

He decided, though, that suicide would be a selfish choice that came from focusing on his own problems. Instead of focusing on his own problems, he chose to work as hard as he could to change the world for the benefit of all mankind.

Fuller became well-known for many things, but mostly for inventing the geodesic dome as a commercial structure. He was a pioneer in thinking globally and one of the first environmentalists – he coined the phrase “Spaceship Earth.” Fuller was awarded 28 patents and many awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to him not long before his death by President Ronald Reagan.

Looking back on his life, Fuller said:

Never forget that you are one of a kind. . . . And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.

And sometimes we even have differences that are perceived by others as weaknesses. Even those differences can be used to make a difference for others. When I was a corporate executive with Walmart, we had quarterly board of directors meetings. One of our directors was John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, the company that makes the hardware on which the internet runs.

Chambers always impressed me by his friendly manner and his perceptive observations. Over the years, he has been recognized in many ways. He was named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” one of the best CEOs in the world in several lists, and Best Boss in America by Business Week.

But here’s something else you should know about John. Several years ago, Cisco had a “bring your child to work day.” The kids would ask him all sorts of questions, from "How much do you make?" to "Are you good at your job?” One little girl tried to ask a question but couldn't get it out. She started to tear up and finally said "I have a learning disability." John said: "So do I. Take your time."(source)

Over the years, there have been a lot of articles about how Chambers overcame his dyslexia. Some of the things he does to compensate for hisdyslexia probably have a lot to do with his success as a CEO. He says “I'll leave 40 or 50 voicemails a day. I do them on the way to work and coming back from work.” He prefers speaking with people to sending emails or letters. You can’t hear the emotion in an email, but you can when you speak with someone. These personal touches may have a lot to do with John’s success as a CEO and with his being named the “Best Boss in America.”

Sometimes life throws you a curveball that you really aren’t ready for. Take Kris Carr, for example. This vibrant young woman was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer in 2003. Fighting back, she has turned her ordeal into an inspiring, entertaining and sometimes humorous look at dealing with a terminal disease. Her first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer, was a best seller and she’s turned her disease into a career with a web site (http://crazysexylife.com/), speaking engagements around the nation, TV appearances and a documentary. There’s no question that getting stage 4 cancer when you’re 31 years old stinks. But she’s found a way to embrace each day with a zeal that is contagious, while educating others about living a healthy lifestyle.

Every instrument in an orchestra makes music, but think how boring the orchestra would be if everyone played the flute or if everyone played the violin. Together, though, all of the different instruments combine to create something remarkable and beautiful. Everyone has different personalities, different strengths, and different hobbies.  Created in God’s image, we all have our unique value.  We are all gifted in various ways. Even differences that we view as challenges or difficulties can provide us with the strength of character or the unique perspective or special gifts to help others in unexpected ways. Each of us can make a difference to others in how we choose to live our lives from day to day.


About Dr. Garrett: 

Dr. Allison Garrett is the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Oklahoma Christian University. She spent many years in business, previously serving as the Vice President and General Counsel for Walmart’s Corporate Division.  Dr. Garrett is also an award-winning blogger writing on topics related to International Corporate Governance (Dr. Garrett's blog).  Her blog is constant read and quoted by business leaders, scholars and leaders of international organizations.

巴克明斯特·富勒这个名字或许您熟悉。或许您并不知晓。如属后者,我得指出,今年热卖的圣诞礼品 —— 百变巴克球 —— 就是以他命名的。



富勒后来在很多方面名闻遐迩,他最广为人知之处是发明了商用网格状球顶。他也是全球化思维的先驱,和最早的环保主义者之一 —— “地球太空船”一说,即为他的创造。富勒一生获得了28项专利和多项大奖,包括他去世前不久由罗纳德里根总统颁发的总统自由勋章。







有时生活抛出一个弧线球,让你措手不及。克里斯·卡尔也是一个例子。2003年,这位充满活力的年轻女子被诊断出有一种罕见的癌症,发现时已到四期。她在和这绝症的斗争之中,她把自己的苦难,化作了一次励志而风趣的记录。她的第一本书,《疯狂而性感的癌症》成了一本畅销书,她还把自己的疾病变做了职业良机,她经营起一家网站“疯狂而性感的人生”(http://crazysexylife.com/),受邀在全国各地演讲,上电视,还拍出了纪录片。 一个人31岁时得上晚期癌症,无疑十分背运。但她找到了一条出路,她带着充满感染力的激情,拥抱每一天,同时教育他人去过健康的生活。




艾利森·盖瑞特(Allison Garrett)博士是俄克拉荷马基督教大学分管学术的高级副校长。加入本校前,她曾长期在业界就职,曾担任沃尔玛全球总部副总裁和总法律顾问。盖瑞特博士也是一位公司治理问题专家,和多次获奖的博客。其博客“国际公司治理”被诸多公司领导、学术人士和国际组织关注。

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